Physical Chemistry in Food Science I

Numbering Code U-AGR06 1F109 LJ79 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year 1st year students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Fri.3
Instructor name YASUKAWA KIYOSHI (Graduate School of Agriculture Professor)
TSUKANO CHIHIRO (Graduate School of Agriculture Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course This course outlines the basics of physical chemistry required to understand life sciences.
Course Goals To understand the basics of physical chemistry. Furthermore, by understanding life sciences, to gain a physicochemical perspective.
Schedule and Contents Lectures will follow the textbook.
They will cover the following topics, for 1-3 weeks each.

Day 1: Importance of physical chemistry, Basic concepts
Day 2: Basic concepts
Days 3, 4: The first law of thermodynamics
Days 5, 6: The second law of thermodynamics
Day 7: Solving mathematical problems

Days 8, 9, 10: Phase equilibria
Days 11, 12: Chemical equilibrium I (Thermodynamic background, The response of equilibria to the conditions)
Days 13, 14: Chemical equilibrium II (Coupled reactions in bioenergetics, Proton transfer equilibria)

Day 15: Feedback (Content not yet decided)
Evaluation Methods and Policy [Evaluation method]
 Evaluation will be out of 100 marks, combining the total of the score in quizzes conducted in Lectures 1 to 14 (20 marks) and the final examination score (80 marks).

[Evaluation policy]
 The evaluation criteria and policies are in accordance with the "Evaluation Criteria and Policies" described in the Student Handbook of the Faculty of Agriculture for the relevant year.
Course Requirements Nothing in particular
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Will be specified during the lectures.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Peter Atkins (著), Julio de Paula (著), 稲葉 章 (翻訳), 中川 敦史 (翻訳) 『アトキンス 生命科学のための物理化学 第2版』 (東京化学同人) ISBN:978-4807908387