Irrigation Structures

Numbering Code U-AGR03 3C128 LJ83 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year 3rd year students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Mon.1
Instructor name FUJISAWA KAZUNORI (Graduate School of Agriculture Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Lectures will be given on the significance and design theory of various water utilization facilities that have become the backbone of the drainage water project and agricultural land development project implemented by the agricultural and rural development project. Based on the knowledge of design theory, we also refer to the function diagnosis and maintenance of facilities that are necessary to extend the life of the facilities.
Course Goals · Knowing how fundamental knowledge gained from already completed subjects is applied to obtaining new understanding/knowledge.
· Deepening concrete understanding of the relationship between learned content and practice (on site).
· Fostering the ability to voluntarily and continuously tackle tasks (reports).
Schedule and Contents 1st Introduction
2nd Design fundamentals of dams
3rd Design fundamentals of dams and design of fill dams (1)
4th Design of fill dams (2)
5th Design and construction of fill dams
6th Design of concrete dams (1)
7th Design of concrete dams (2)
8th Design and construction of concrete dams
9th Canal works/head works
10th Mid-term test and evaluation
11th Maintenance and prolonging the lifetime of water use facilities and social infrastructure
12th Degradation mechanisms of water use facilities (concrete structures)
13th Function diagnosis and function preservation of water use facilities (concrete structures)
14th Stock management and practice of water use facilities (concrete structures)
15th Final test and evaluation
16th Feedback (answers and explanation of the test)
Evaluation Methods and Policy Mid-term test (40%) + final test (40%) + evaluation of points for class participation (20%). Evaluation of points for class participation will be based on an evaluation of assignments given every 3 to 4 lessons.
The evaluation criteria and level of achievement will be based on the "Evaluation Criteria and Level of Achievement" of the student handbook of the Faculty of Agriculture for the relevant year.
Course Requirements Students should have taken Civil Engineering Materials (C124) prior to enrolling in this course. This course should be taken alongside Civil Engineering Materials/Environmental Geotechnics Laboratory (C221).
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) · Preparing relevant knowledge of civil engineering materials for each item.
· Since a lot of materials will be distributed, it is necessary to keep them organized.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Materials will be distributed every time.