Outline of Cell Biology

Numbering Code U-AGR02 2B111 LJ79 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year 2nd year students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Tue.3
Instructor name NAKANO TAKESHI (Graduate School of Biostudies Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course What is life? Cells are the building blocks of life, and all living things are comprised of cells. Thus, one of the answers to this question may be cell biology. Whether in unicellular or multicellular organisms, the mechanism of the cell unit remains common.
This course is an introduction to cell biology, which explains the mechanism of life by taking cells as the basic unit. It is divided into 6 chapters as follows: I-Outline, II-Behavior as a cell unit, III-Organelles with cell organs and unique genomes, IV-Organelles that control cell organs and proteins, V-Control of cells and organelles by proteins, and VI-Overview of cell biology.
Course Goals To comprehensively understand the overview of the cell, its overall activities, and the individual activities occurring within it, especially the actions of the organelles and proteins.
Schedule and Contents I: Introduction
Day 1: What is the cell? An introduction

II: Behavior as a cell unit
Day 2: Cell membrane
Day 3: Cell division
Day 4: Cell growth, cell death
Day 5: Cytoskeleton, cell adhesion
Day 6: Cell differentiation

III: Organelles with cell organs and unique genomes
Day 7: Nucleus
Day 8: Chloroplast
Day 9: Mitochondria

IV: Organelles that control cell organs and proteins
Day 10: Endoplasmic reticulum, trans-Golgi network
Day 11: Transport vesicle, secretory vesicle, endosome
Day 12: Ribosome, vacuole

V: Control of cells and organelles by proteins
Day 13: Signaling

VI: Comprehensive overview of cell biology
Day 14: What is a cell? An overview
Day 15: Final examination
Evaluation Methods and Policy [Evaluation method]
There will be an exercise with 3 small questions in every lecture. Q&A sessions will be held during the lectures, and an essay-type examination will be conducted at the end of the semester. The evaluation is based on all of these.
[Evaluation criteria]
The evaluation criteria and achievement level are in accordance with the "Evaluation Criteria and Achievement Level" described in the Student Handbook of the Faculty of Agriculture for the relevant year.
Course Requirements Nothing in particular
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Review the distributed printouts and develop your own perspective about cells.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Will not be used. Printouts will be distributed during the lectures as necessary.
References, etc. 『「Molecular Biology of THE CELL(細胞の分子生物学), 6th Ed.」』 (Newton Press),
It is advised to purchase the reference books, although not compulsory
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