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Lecture Videos

# Title Keywords Video
01 Introduction Moral Geometry vs Geometrical Moral Video
02 Beyond Geometrical Reason Squaring the Circle, the Mystery of Incarnation Video
03 Greek Mathematical Philosophy Plato's Ideal Forms, Euclid's Geometry of Measure Video
04 The Science of Light Divine Enlightenment, Natural Perspective, the Geometry of Rays Video
05 The Science of Painting "Perspectiva Pingendi", Art of Measure, the Geometry of Vision Video
06 Reversing PerspectiveDescartes' Dualism (extension and thought), Leibniz's Continuity, Visual Geometry Video
07 The Doctrine of Shadows Leibniz's Organicism, Cardano's Subtilitas, Leonardo's Sfumato Video
08 Looking EastIn the Mind of Nature, Aerial Perspective, Landscape Painting Video
09 Looking West Hokusai's Perspectival View, Nihonbashi as a Vanishing Point Video
10 The Shogunal City & The Ideal CitySymbolic Forms, Cusanus' Coincidentia Oppositorum Video