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20 - Vertex Operator Algebras and Integrable Systems, 2018

The Minimal Model Program for Varieties of Log General Type

Top Glogal Course Special Lectures 2

Vertex Operator Algebras and Integrable Systems

Boris Feigin
Kyoto University / Distinguished Visiting Professor
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics / Leading researcher
Higher School of Economics /

July 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2018
Room 127, Graduate School of Science Bldg No 3

Lecture Video

Course Description

First I plan to discuss the known ways of constructing vertex operator algebras. We can use "screenings" - it means that we can find the vertex operator subalgebras into the known ones. Opposite idea - extensions of VOA. In this case we are trying to embed the algebra into the bigger. I present the basic examples of these constructions. We discuss W-algebras and their applications. Vertex algebras produce D-modules on the interesting geometric objects. So we will talk about Hitchin systems and D-modules appearing in geometric Langlands - usual and quantum.
After that I explain what to do if we have the system of screening corresponding to the affine root system. They do not define vertex algebra but something which has not good name. The object which we get by this way is rather close to the non-conformal field theories and contains the integrable system - commutative algebra of KdV type.