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Lecture Video

SES # Date Title Video
1 Nov. 10, 2017
"Central limit theorems" We shall first survey the martingale approach to establish the convergence towards Brownian motion of a reversible diffusion in a random environment. Video
2 Nov. 17, 2017
"Fluctuation-dissipation relations" The lecture will be devoted to a soft introduction to FDR for additive functionals of Markov processes. Video
3 Nov. 24, 2017
"A priori estimates on diffusions" We gather some PDE estimates for diffusions with a local drift. Video
4 Nov. 29, 2017
"Regeneration times and steady states" We construct a steady state for perturbed diffusions in a random environment with finite range of correlation and study its continuity. Video
5 Dec. 1, 2017
"FDR and scaling limits" End of the proof of FDR and the Einstein relation. Video