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Workshop Videos

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - Challenges for the Global Circulation of Students

SES# Opening Remarks Video
1 Dr. Hiroshi Matsumoto (President, Kyoto University) Video
Overview Speech  
2 Prof. Junichi Mori (Vice-President for International Relations, Kyoto University) Video
Guest Speech  
3 Dr. Gay Satsuma (Center for Japanese studies, University of Hawaii) Video
Session A-I  
4 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rattachat Mongkolnavin (Chulalongkorn University)
Challenges for Students Mobility in ASIA: Chulalongkorn University's Perspective
5 Ms. Hu Jie (Nanjing University)
Enhancing Nanjing University Undergraduate Students International Mobility
6 Ms. Sunju Park (Seoul National University)
International Student Mobility
Session A-II  
7 Mr. Gengo GOTO (Ritsumeikan University)
Global 30 - Ritsumeikan University's International Strategy
8 Prof. Paul FORSTER (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Institutionalizing Internationalizaion
9 Dr. Pongthep Vorakitpokatorn (Thammasat University)
The Future Success of the Student Exchange Program relies on working more actively with partner universities
10 Ms. Janet SO (Yonsei University)
Special tailored programs: an alternative to exchange program
11 Ms. CHEN Duan (Wuhan University)
Strengthening Global Collaboration for the Improvement of Student Exchange Programs
Session A-III  
12 Prof. Elizabeth L. Enliquez (University of the Philippines, Diliman)
Curricular and structural challenges to the global circulation of students
13 Mr. Tsuguhiro Shimura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Challenges, countermeasures and findings on student exchange programs by Tokyo Tech
14 Mr. Jongkeun KIM (Korea University)
The Internationalization of Korea University Strategies, Status, Challenges
15 Assoc. Prof. Anne Pakir (National University of Singapore)
The Role of NUS' International Relations Office in Globalizing Higher Education

Thursday, January 28, 2010 - International Networking of International Administration Officers

SES# Session B-I Video
1 Ms. Tamami KOJIMA (Kyoto University)
The Potential of Administrators Networks
2 Ms. LI Yun (Peking University)
Peking University's International Networking - Sustainable Development
3 Mr. Wei-Chung WANG (Tsinghua University - Hsinchu)
Current International Networking for International Administration Officers at National Tsing Hua University
4 Prof. Yong Taek IM (KAIST)
A Paradigm of Global Networking through International Presidential Forum
Session B-II  
5 Mr. Wang, Hui (Tsinghua University - Beijing)
International Administration Officers as International Exchange Factors
6 Prof. Ma. Crisanta N. Flores (University of the Philippines, Diliman)
International Networking strategies and Challenges for Administration Officers : The Philippine Experience
7 Mr. Kentaro Ebihara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Use of International Networking at International Office