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Friday, December 5, 2008

SES# Welcome Address VIDEO
1 MATSUMOTO Hiroshi (President, Kyoto University) VIDEO
2 KIN Bunkyou (Director, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University) VIDEO
3 TAKEZAWA Yasuko (Kyoto University) VIDEO
Keynote Lecture 1
4 Ella SHOHAT (New York University)
“Stereotype, Representation and the Question of the Real: Some Methodological Proposals”
Part I: Approaching Racial Representation from Asia
5 KUROKAWA Midori (Shizuoka University)
“Marking Signifiers of an ‘Invisible Race: Reflections on the Film Versions of ‘The River with No Bridge’”
6 LEE Sung-Yup (Kyoto University)
“ ‘Changing Faces’: Colonial Rule in Korea and Ethnic Characterizations
7 Caroline HAU (Kyoto University)
“Blood, Land and Conversion: ‘Chinese’ Mestizoness and the Politics of Belonging in Post-Independence Philippines”
Talk Relay by Junior Researchers at Kyoto University: Rethinking Difference
8 YAMAMOTO Shinya (Doctoral Student, Primate Research Institute) VIDEO
9 HIGASHIJIMA Jin (Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Biostudies) VIDEO
10 ODA Yuichi (Master’s Student, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies) VIDEO
11 Ernani ODA (Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Letters) VIDEO
12 KOTANI Sachiko (Postdoctoral Part-Time Researcher, Institute for Research in Humanities) VIDEO
Special Presentation
13 TOSA Naoko (Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies) VIDEO

Saturday, December 6, 2008

SES# Welcome Address
1 YOKOYAMA Toshio (Vice President, Kyoto University) VIDEO
Part II: Linking Science and Society
2 SAKANO Toru (Nihon University)
“Racial Science in Japan: Mixed-Blood, Adaptability and Scientific Racism”
3 KATO Kazuto (Kyoto University)
“Race and Ethnicity in Human Genome Research”
4 Margaret SLEEBOOM-FAULKNER (University of Sussex)
“How to Define a Population: Cultural Politics and Population Genetics in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC)”
Keynote Lecture 2
5 Troy DUSTER (University of California Berkeley/ New York University)
“Human Genetics and Human Taxonomies: Fluidity, Continuity and Transformations”
Part III: Creating Counter-Representations
6 ISHIBASHI Jun (University of Tokyo)
“From ‘Black’ to ‘Afro-Descendant’: Representational Strategies of Venezuelan Racial/Ethnic Social Movements”
7 TAKEZAWA Yasuko (Kyoto University)
“New Resistance, New Arts: Young Asian American Artists and Their Identities in the Post-Multicultural Era”
8 KAWASHIMA Kohei (Musashi University)
“Reconstructing the Representations of ‘Black’ Athletes in the Context of the Recent ‘Nature
9 John RUSSELL (Gifu University) VIDEO
10 MATSUDA Motoji (Kyoto University) VIDEO
11 BABA Hisao (National Museum of Nature and Science) VIDEO
12 Discussion VIDEO