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[Description and content]

Students are expected to make English presentations on their own research projects such as their experimental plans, results, and reports of relevant papers four times in 30 weeks for a year. Several students conduct 12 minute presentation and 10 minute discussion in each class. The presentation schedule is updated on homepage of Bio-Sensing Engineering Laboratory.

Typical presentation examples are below:
1. The latest research paper reports: Students have to read many relevant papers for propelling their own research projects as the first step for starting researches. They present on the research papers in recent international journals and discuss with participants.
2. Resarch plan and discussions: Students need to make research plans for a year as the second step based on the latest research papers. Discussion with participants helps them judge if the plans and experimental methods are appropriate or should be improved.
3. Experimental results and discussion: Students are supposed to weekly report their experimenal results at other meetings. In this course, they learn how to present on the experimental results and discussion effectively as well as materials, devices, and methods in order to make participants understand well.
4. Join to discussions on other students' presentations: Students can learn many techniques and skills in presentations from other students' presentations. In this course, not only Master course but also Ph.D students and undergraduate students participate for mutual learning.

[Evaluation standard and criteria]

Presentation skill and communication skill are scored in five grades at four-time 12 minute presentations and discussions. Students who conducted presentations receive comments from participants (students and professors) to improve for the next time presentations. Attendance should be more than two thirds of the classes.

[Requirement for registration]

It is desirable to take undergraduate courses provided by Professors Kondo and Ogawa such as "Measument Science", "Physicall and Biological Properties of Agricultural Products," "Introduction to Foreign Literature on Agricultural Machinery" and graduate course "Seminar I on Bio-Sensing Engineering."