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Introduction to Kyoto University

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Introduction of Faculties, Schools, and Institutions

Graduate Schools / Faculties / Research Institutes / Centers / Organizations / Institute for Advanced Study

Graduate Schools

# School
1 Graduate School of Letters
2 Graduate School of Education
3 Graduate School of Law
4 Graduate School of Economics
5 Graduate School of Science
6 Graduate School of Medicine
7 Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
8 Graduate School of Engineering
9 Graduate School of Agriculture
10 Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies
11 Graduate School of Energy Science
12 Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies
13 Graduate School of Informatics
14 Graduate School of Biostudies
15 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
16 Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
17 Graduate School of Government
18 Graduate School of Management


# Faculty
1 Faculty of Integrated Human Studies
2 Faculty of Letters
3 Faculty of Education
4 Faculty of Law
5 Faculty of Economics
6 Faculty of Science
7 Faculty of Medicine
8 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
9 Faculty of Engineering
10 Faculty of Agriculture

Research Institutes

# Institute
1 Institute for Chemical Research
2 Institute for Research in Humanities
3 Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences
4 Institute of Advanced Energy
5 Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
6 Disaster Prevention Research Institute
7 Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
8 Institute of Economic Research
9 Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
10 Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science
11 Primate Research Institute
12 Center for Southeast Asian Studies
13 Center for iPS Cell Research and Application


# Center
1 Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies
2 Center for Ecological Research
3 Wildlife Research Center
4 Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education
5 The Kyoto University Museum
6 Field Science Education and Research Center
7 Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry
8 Kokoro Research Center
9 General Student Support Center
10 Kyoto University Archives
11 The Center for African Area Studies
12 The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research
13 Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research
14 Center for Educational Program Promotion in Graduate School


# Organization
1 Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences
2 Agency for Health, Safety and Environment
3 Institute for Information Management and Communication
4 Library Network
5 Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation
6 International Strategy Office

Institute for Advanced Study

# Institute
1 Institute for Advanced Study