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This document provides further information about this OpenCourseWare site in the form of a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

  1. What is OpenCourseWare?

    OpenCourseWare, or OCW, is a term applied to course materials created by universities and shared freely with the world via the Internet.

  2. Why are we doing this?

    Because technology makes it possible for us to increase the reach of educational opportunity. We support our mission to serve the public through learning, discovery, and engagement. We are committed to to the sharing materials for the benefit of self-learners, academics and any who do not currently have access to such materials.

  3. How does OCW differ from other types of Web-based education?

    OCW differs from other Web-based education offerings in that it is free and open, does not provide university credit, and grants no access to university faculty. It is not a distance-learning initiative. The goal is to provide the content and materials that support an education.

  4. Do I need to register to use these OCW course materials?

    There is no registration process required for users to view course materials. OCW materials are made available free of charge, subject to rights granted by the open content copyright licenses found on this site to any user anywhere in the world.

  5. How do I find what courses are available?

    You can, utilize the Search function that can be found on this site. You can search for specific text, such as certain academic discipline area, across all courses or within just one course. Or to perform a detailed search, use the Advanced Search.

    Or, to see what courses are available click on the complete course list. This will allow you to view the current list of courses available.

  6. How can I use OCW course materials?

    This site can be considered a large-scale, Web-based publication of the course materials that support education. Educators are encouraged to utilize the materials for curriculum development, students can augment their current learning by making use of the materials offered, and self-learners are encouraged to draw upon materials found here for self-study or supplementary use.

    Course materials offered on this site must be used in accordance with the copyright license associated with content on the site. The easiest way to reuse or repost materials from this site is to click on the link at the bottom of the page that provides you with an APA formatted string with all the relevant details that will need to be included to fulfull the attribution requirement of copyright licenses.