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Maintenance&Management of Infrastructure


Numbering Code
  • P-MGT75 60103 LE44
Term 2020/Second semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Graduate
Language English
  • Not fixed
Outline and Purpose of the Course The purpose of this lecture is to provide systematic knowledge for strategic maintenance and management of infrastructure, covering techniques of the software and hardware, with some practical case studies. And it also provides the latest information of “asset management” system, including standardization of ISO 55000’s.
Lectures, discussions and student presentations will be combined.
Course Goals Through this course, students can obtain the basic knowledge of asset management of infrastructure. They also can learn various cases of practical maintenance and management of lifelines and/or transportation systems. Each student has an assignment of oral presentation and report writing individually. Students can deepen the understanding of a specific topic through their presentation.
Schedule and Contents The infrastructure is a base of a social life and economic activities. And the role of the maintenance and management of infrastructures becomes more and more important all over the world. Through this lecture the students will understand the concept of strategic maintenance and asset management of infrastructure.

1. The role and present situation of infrastructure
2. Asset management 1 : Definition and the fundamental elements
3. Asset management 2 : Background, the case of Japan
4. Asset management 3 : Framework of AM
5. Asset management 4 : Technologies for AM, system and data-base
6. Asset management 5 : Engineers and organizations
7. Standardization on asset management: ISO55000's
8. Maintenance of structures 1 : Design and construction of structures
9. Maintenance of structures 2 : Deterioration of concrete structures
10. Maintenance of structures 3 : Deterioration of steel structures
11. Maintenance of structures 4 : Monitoring of structures
12. Case study 1 : Risk management
13. Case study 2 : Life-cycle assessment
14. Presentation by students 1
15. Presentation by students 2
Grading Policy Class participation: 50%, Presentation and reports: 50%
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of statistic.
Preparation and Review In a class, related material and paper are distributed. After the class, students should review the contents of class well.
  • No specific textbooks are used. Copies of reading assignments will be distributed.