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Numbering Code
  • G-AAA01 51204 LJ31
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Year 1st & 2nd year students
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Wed.1
  • Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Professor TAMADA YOSHIFUMI
Outline and Purpose of the Course Understanding politics in Thailand
Course Goals Students are expected to be able to understand the reasons of political turmoil in Thailand since 2006.
Schedule and Contents Thai political history since the late 19th century
Rise and fall of political hegemony of the monarchy
Struggle for the monarchy against democratization
The military in politics
Judicialization of politics
The monarchy and democracy
Grading Policy attendance 60%, assignment 20%, discussion 20%
Prerequisites Japanese language proficiency is indispensable
Preparation and Review Students are required to read the assigned books and summarize them.