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You are here: Home en Syllabuses (2020) Graduate School of Energy Science IESC横断型科目 Renewable Energy: Present and Future

Renewable Energy: Present and Future


Term 2020/Second semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Graduate
Language English
  • Graduate School of Energy Science, Program-Specific Assistant Professor TAKADA MASATSUGU
Outline and Purpose of the Course Due to the depletion of fossil fuels, renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass are expected as sustainable energy resources. This course will introduce the principles and technology behind various renewable energy, and the present issues of each renewable energy. Based on the technical and economic challenges, the future prospects for each renewable energy will be discussed.
Course Goals To understand the basic knowledge on principles and technology behind various renewable energy and present issues of each renewable energy. To obtain the skills to argue the future of renewable energy through the class discussions and a final report.
Schedule and Contents The course will consist of lectures based on the following key themes.
1. Introduction to Renewable Energy (2 weeks)
2. Solar Energy (2 weeks)
3. Wind Energy (1 week)
4. Hydropower (1 week)
5. Geothermal Energy (1 week)
6. Biomass Energy (3 weeks)
7. Ocean Energy (1 week)
8. Economics of Renewable Energy (1 week)
9. Energy and Environment (2 weeks)
10. Summary of the course (1 week)
The exact order of topics may change. Some additional topics may be added.
Grading Policy Evaluation will be based on:
presentation (30 points)
reports (30 points)
class performance: attendance and short quiz (40 points).
Oral presentation and reports will be assessed on the basis of achievement level for the course goal.
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review Depending on the progressive of the course, attendees will conduct a research and consider their assigned parts.