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You are here: Home en Syllabuses (2020) Graduate School of Energy Science エネルギー変換科学専攻 エネルギー変換科学特別実験及び演習第1



Numbering Code
  • G-ENE03 53303 GJ28
Term 2020/Intensive, First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Target Year 1st year master's students
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Intensive
  • Graduate School of Energy Science,
  • Graduate School of Energy Science, Associate Professor KINOSHITA KATSUYUKI
Outline and Purpose of the Course Problems, measures and their academic backgrounds in technologies for energy conversion system are presented.
Course Goals To understand problems, measures and their academic backgrounds in technologies for improving energy conversion efficiency with greater safety and reliability of energy systems.
Schedule and Contents The research themes of each group are shown as follows.
1) Thermal Energy Conversion: Energy Conservation and the Mitigation of the Environmental Impact of Thermal Engine Systems
2) Conversion Systems: Optimum Design and Control of Energy Conversion Systems
3) Material Design for Energy Systems: Design for Materials to Create New Functions and Energy-Related Machinery
4) Design for Functional Systems: Design of Advanced Functional Material Systems and Nondestructive Evaluation of Their Integrity
5) Advanced Energy Conversion: Design, Development and Assessment of Fusion Energy Systems
6) Plasma Energy Conversion: Highly Qualified Energy Conversion through Advanced Control of Charged Particle Beams
7) Functional Energy Conversion Materials: Basic Research and Development of Nuclear Energy Materials
Grading Policy The research activities shall be evaluated by supervisor, which includes writing a technical paper, presentation at a conference, an internship activity and joining a seminar
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review To be announced in class.