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Numbering Code
  • G-ENE10 63148 LJ17
  • G-ENE10 63148 LJ41
  • G-ENE10 63148 LJ44
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Year Master's students
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Fri.3
  • Youhei ITOIPart-time Lecturer Youhei ITOI
Outline and Purpose of the Course The outside lecturers who are serving at the forefront of companies give lectures on new social issues of enterproses such as protection of intellectual properties and environmental management.
Course Goals They are expected to understand the basic knowledge which should be known by the workers who are engaged to technologies on the stages of invention, acquisition and utilization of intellectual property rights based on the rule of patent law with understanding especially the basic features of patent right. Through the knowledge, they will protect their own intellectual property rights, and have viewpoint and awareness to respect others’ right. They will also understand the meaning of patent investigation and will be able to do a simple search using patent document database (as technical information).
They are also expected to understand basic activities of enterprise environmental management, and to understand importance to obey global and wide environmental control and environmental law, and importance of their unique activities along their business characteristics based on ecological thinking. Based on the knowledge, they will foster their own insights to manage both business management and global environment including the environmental business which focuses on environment as their business.
Schedule and Contents
Seven lectures on outlines and practices in companies as introduction of intellectual property as follows;
1. Enterprise economic activity and intellectual property (Hidaka),
2. R&D and intellectual property (Hidaka),
3. IP rights acquisition and actual situation (Hidaka),
4. Practical utilization of IP rights (Hidaka),
5. Intellectual property related to design and brand (Itoi),
6. Importance of technical information investigation (Itoi),
7. Concrete method of technical information investigation (Itoi).

Seven lectures on outlines and practices in companies as introduction of environmental management as follows;
8. Introduction of environmental management: Environmental activities in companies and their future directivity (Sugano),
9. Support method of environmental management: Various support methods and ecological design (Sugano),
10. Protection of global warming (1): Climate change issues and protection of global warming in factories and products (Sugano),
11. Protection of global warming (2): Climate change issues and protection of global warming in factories and products (Sugano),
12. Resource recycling: Formation of recycling society and product recycling (Sugano),
13. Chemical material control: Trend of chemical material control and its management (Sugano),
14. Environmental communication : Role and practice of environmental communication (Sugano).
Grading Policy
Report subject (90 points) and active participation in the class (10 points). The report will be evaluated along the course goal. Maximum 5 points will be added if they show excellent results in the assignment of search subject given in the 6th lecture.

Report subject (100 points) which consists of understandings of environmental management (50 points) and proposal for the given theme (50 points). One attendance at the class gives one points.
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review
Materials will be given. Assignment of patent search using the Internet.

Understanding enterprise attitude toward the realization of business management and global environment from the detail reports of companies’ environmental management activities on their web site.
  • No textbook. Handout of the slide will be given in the second half classes.