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Numbering Code
  • G-ENE01 63119 LJ28
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Year Master's students
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Wed.2
  • Graduate School of Energy Science, Professor TEZUKA TETSUO
  • Graduate School of Energy Science, Associate Professor OGATA SEIICHI
Outline and Purpose of the Course By Tetsuo TEZUKA, Seiichi OGATA, Department of Socio-environmental Energy Science, Graduate School of Energy Science,

The framework and methodology for energy systems analysis and design in a region and/or/ country, especially related to a model-based approach, are introduced. Furthermore, the theories of energy supply-demand systems are discussed. Participants will develop a simple conceptual model by selecting some energy supply-demand systems as a study target.
Course Goals To understand the way of thinking of "Energy Systems Study" and the basic knowledge and the modeling methodologies of Energy supply-demand systems.
Schedule and Contents (1) Statistics of energy supply and demand,
(2) Energy Systems Study with Micro and Macroscopic Perspectives
(3) Numerical modeling of energy supply and demand,
(4) What is a system modeling?
(5) Modeling and decision making,
(6) Conceptual Modeling exercise,
(6) Theoretical approach to energy supply-demand systems,
(7) Liberalization of the energy industry,
Grading Policy Discussion about modeling of energy systems and report submission.
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review Student will make a conceptual model for the energy supply-demand systems which the student has selected by himself/herself.
The work for conceptual modeling will be an assignment.