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Quantum Field Theory


Numbering Code
  • G-ENG08 5C004 LJ57
Term 2020/Second semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Thu.2
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor OGURE KENZOU
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor MIYADERA TAKAYUKI
Outline and Purpose of the Course An introduction to quantum field theory is presented with an emphasis on its mathematical difficulties.
Course Goals Our aim is to understand the difficulty of relativistic quantum field theory caused by the Poincare covariance and the infinite degrees of freedom.
Schedule and Contents 1. Introduction

Free field
2. Special relativity (1)
3. Special relativity (2) Poincare group
4. Relativistic quantum mechanics (1) Wigner's theorem
5. Relativistic quantum mechanics (2) Irreducible representation of Poincare group
6. Many particles
7. Free field (1) Klein-Gordon equation
8. Free field (2) Weyl algebra and Haag-Kastler axiom

9. Classical theory
10. Deformation quantization
11. Wick ordering and microlocal analysis
12. Time ordered product
13. Time ordered product and Feynman diagram
14. Renormalization
15. Recent topics

1-14. Miyadera, 15. Ogure
Grading Policy exam
Prerequisites Analysis, linear algebra, quantum mechanics
Preparation and Review Clarify what you have learnt and your questions.
  • None