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Introduction to Advanced Material Science and Technology (8 times course)


Numbering Code
  • G-ENG90 8i062 LE77
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 1 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Graduate
Language English
Day/Period Fri.5
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer KOMIYAMA YOSUKE
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer YOROZU KAZUAKI
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer KANEKO KENTAROU
Outline and Purpose of the Course The various technologies used in the field of material science serve as bases for so-called high technologies, and, in turn, the high technologies develop material science. These relate to each other very closely and contribute to the development of modern industries. In this class, recent progresses in material science are briefly introduced, along with selected current topics on new biomaterials, nuclear engineering materials, new metal materials and natural raw materials. The methods of material analysis and future developments in material science are also discussed.
Course Goals To expand your field of vision for material science and to acquire accomplishments to identify the importance of technologies through the classes for developments in material science.
Schedule and Contents Theme A: Application of Materials
Week 1, Application of Electrical Discharge to Material and Environmental Technology
Week 2, Tumor Imaging and Therapy through Photoirradiation
Week 3, Application of Functional Oxides
Week 4, Group work / Exercise
Theme B: Material Development
Week 5, Synthesis of Novel π-Conjugated Molecules with Main Group Elements
Week 6, Chemistry of Asymmetric Catalysis – Stereoselective Synthesis of Optically Active Pharmaceutical Compounds –
Week 7, New Timber Architecture with the Cross Laminated Timber
Week 8, Group work / Exercise
Theme C: Material energy and heat control
Week 9, Radioactive Waste, Geological disposal, Safety Assessment, Radionuclide Migration
Week 10, Photothermal heating for microfluidic control
Week 11, Wastewater, Energy and Resource Recovery, Methane Fermentation, Fertilizer
Week 12, Group work / Exercise
Grading Policy The average score of the best two assignments for each topic is employed.
For each topic which the students chose, they must attend minimum three lectures and submit minimum two assignments evaluated as "passed".
Prerequisites Each topic consists of four lectures.
This course requests to choose two topics from provided three topics in advance.
It is prohibited to change the topics after registration.
We may select students who can attend the class before starting the class.
Students who intend to join the course are required to submit the application form through the web site which will be informed in the advance.
Preparation and Review This course requests students to prepare a class in advance because some classes will be done by an interactive style.
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