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Project Management in Engineering


Numbering Code
  • G-ENG90 8i049 LE77
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Graduate
Language English
Day/Period Fri.4
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer YOROZU KAZUAKI
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer OHTA HIROTO
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer KANEKO KENTAROU
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer KOMIYAMA YOSUKE
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor Juha Lintuluoto
Outline and Purpose of the Course This course provides a basic knowledge required for the project management in various engineering fields such as process design, plant design, construction, and R&D project. Some lectures are provided by visiting lecturers from industry and public works who have many experiences on actual engineering projects.
Course Goals This course will help students gain a fundamental knowledge of what project management in engineering is. Throughout the course, students will learn various tools applied in project management. Students will also understand the importance of costs and money, risks, leadership, and environmental assessment in managing engineering projects. This course is followed with the course Exercise on Project Management in Engineering in the second semester.
Schedule and Contents Week 1, Course guidance
Week 2-3, Introduction to project management
Week 3, Environmental impact assessment
Week 4-5, Team organization and administration
Week 6-8, Tools for project management, cost, and cash flows
Week 9, Negotiation skills/tactics/examples in business marketing
Week 10, Environmental impact assessment
Week 11, Successful Problem-Solving Techniques in PJ Management
Week 12, Risk management
Week 13, The work stages of architectural design projects in UK
Week 14, Project management for engineering procurement construction business
Week 15, Feedback
Grading Policy Evaluated by class contribution (or level of understanding) at each class (60%) and assignments (40%)
Prerequisites We may restrict the class size to enhance students' learning.
Students who intend to take this course are requested to attend the first lecture.
Preparation and Review This course requests students to prepare a class in advance becouse some classes will be done by an interactive style as necessary.
  • Course materials will be provided.
  • Project Management, 10th edition, Lock, Dennis, (Gower Publishing Ltd.), ISBN: ISBN:1409452697
  • Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation, 5th edition, Cleland, David L., and Ireland, Lewis R., (McGraw-Hill Professional), ISBN: ISBN:007147160X
  • The strategic management of large engineering projects, Shaping Institutions, Risks, and Governance, Miller, Roger and Lessard, Donald R., (The MIT Press), ISBN: ISBN:9780262526982
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