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Professional Scientific Presentation Exercises


Numbering Code
  • G-ENG95 8i041 SE20
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 1 credits
Course Type Seminar
Target Student Graduate
Language English
Day/Period Mon.5
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor Juha Lintuluoto
Outline and Purpose of the Course It is imperative for future engineers to be able to communicate and deliver effectively scientific information to large variety of audiences. This skill enables engineers to share and absorb information to more extended audiences, and facilitates success in selling ideas and products, publishing and team working. The purpose of this course is to teach the basic rules needed for successful professional scientific presentation, both orally and written. The course also prepares students to deliver scientific information presentations to wide audiences. The course is consisted of excessive exercises, of which the student should complete seven (7) tasks. The course holds 3-4 tasks for oral presentation exercises, and 3-4 tasks for professional scientific writing exercises. The exact number of both exercises is adjusted for each student’s needs. The course is aimed for doctor course (DC) students, both Japanese and Foreign nationals
Course Goals This course is aimed to foster engineering students’ scientific presentation skills. The successfully course completed students will be able to express and present complicated and specific scientific information at more generally understandable level. The students will also be able to pose relevant questions and effectively answer to the wide variety of questions.
Schedule and Contents 1time,Guidance and Professional presentation rules and etiquette
3times,Oral presentations & questioning I, Written report I
3times,Oral presentations & questioning II, Written report II
3times,Oral presentations & questioning III, Written report III
3times,Oral presentations & questioning IV, Written report IV
2times,Course summary and discussion
Grading Policy Reports, class activity, presentation
Prerequisites -Fundamental skills about scientific presentation
-Advanced English skills
-Sufficient personal research results
Preparation and Review 3 times Oral, 4 times writing(Total 7 times)
3 times Oral, 4 times writing(Total 7 times)
  • Course materials will be provided.
  • Will be informed if necessary.