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You are here: Home en Syllabuses (2020) Graduate School of Engineering Civil and Earth Resources Engineering/Urban Management/Environmental Engineering

Civil and Earth Resources Engineering/Urban Management/Environmental Engineering


Concrete Structural Engineering
Sediment Hydraulics
Environmental Geotechnics
Resources Development Systems
Environmental Geosphere Engineering
Exploration Geophysics, Adv.
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Civic and Landscape Design
Continuum Mechanics
Structural Design
Bridge Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics
River Management
Applied Mathematics in Civil & Earth Resources Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering for Infrastructure Development and Management
Structural Stability
Material and Structural System & Management
Applied Elasticity for Rock Mechanics
Fundamental Theories in Geophysical Exploration
Hydrodynamics and Turbulence Mechanics
Rock stress and physical properties
Measurement in the earth's crust environment
Infrastructure Safety Engineering
Applied Hydrology
Case Studies Harmonizing Disaster Management and Environment Conservation
Integrated Disasters and Resources Management in Watersheds
Disaster Prevention through Geotechnics
Global Survivability Studies
Information Technology for Urban Society
Public Finance
Urban Environmental Policy
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Quantitative Methods for Behavioral Analysis
Risk Management
Structural Dynamics
Construction of Geotechnical Infrastructures
Open Channel Hydraulics
Exercise on Project Planning
Earthquake Engineering/Lifeline Engineering
Seismic Engineering Exercise
Coastal and Urban Water Disasters Engineering
Engineering Seminar for Disaster Resilience in ASEAN countrie
Disaster and Health Risk Management for Liveable City
Fundamental Geofront Engineering
Ecomaterial Design
Hydrologic Design and Management
Disaster Mitigation for Sustainable Basin Environment
Computational Geotechnics
Structural Engineering for Civil Infrastructure
Urban Infrastructure Management
Disaster Risk Management