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Advanced Seminar on Educational Science


Numbering Code
  • G-EDU13 56005 SJ47
  • G-EDU13 56005 SJ46
Term 2020/First semester
Course Type topics seminar
Target Year Master's students
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Thu.4・5
  • Graduate School of Education, Associate Professor OKABE KEN
Outline and Purpose of the Course The aim of this class is to enable students to master basic research skills, which include academic writing and basic research methods. Lecturers from the graduate schools and other universities are invited to hold a series of sessions. Aside from hearing lectures about the overall research process and the individual skills it requires, students will also participate in relevant seminars and discussions. This fosters the students’ knowledge, thinking, and communication skills, which make up the foundation of educational scientific research.
Course Goals ・Students should be able to explain the basics of academic communication.
・Students should be aware of the different research methods, be able to conduct research on their own specializations using suitable methods, and present the results of their research.
Schedule and Contents First and second session: Orientation/Opening lecture (Global Education Office)
Third and fourth session: Competitive funding and academic communication
Fifth and sixth session: Research methods and research ethics
Seventh and eighth session: Theory and design of university education
Ninth and tenth session: Research methods and how to conduct research (1)
Eleventh and twelfth session: Research methods and how to conduct research (2)
Thirteenth and fourteenth session: Research methods and how to conduct research (3)
Fifteenth session: Summary
Grading Policy 【Evaluation method】
Performance is evaluated based on the seminar tasks (the nature of participation in the discussion, the presentation, and the submission of a brief report on completion).

【Evaluation guidelines】
Achievement of attainment targets is evaluated according to the Graduate School of Education's evaluation guidelines.
Prerequisites This class is intended for students under the Master of Education program (Interdisciplinary Studies in Education Division).
Preparation and Review Students must come to class with a self-sufficient attitude, finding connections between each lecture and the process of their own research as a whole and utilizing relevant findings on a daily basis.
  • None
  • To be outlined in class