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Numbering Code
  • G-LET01 75143 SJ34
Term 2020/Second semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Seminar
Target Student Graduate
Language English
Day/Period Wed.5
  • Graduate School of Letters, Professor DEGUCHI YASUO
Outline and Purpose of the Course What is self? How is self experienced? Those questions are among the most important ones for the Western and Eastern philosophies for millennia. They have been also much discussed in such fields as psychology, cognitive science, psychiatry and sociology. This seminar will explore those questions from the perspectives of contemporary philosophy, taking into account Eastern philosophical ideas of self. The teacher will survey contemporary debates on self and related topics and then propose his own view on self, that is, self-as-we, and explore its ethical and existential consequences.
Course Goals Students can obtain up-to-date knowledge of philosophical discussions in such areas as metaphysics, philosophy of mind and action, phenomenology, and analytic Asian philosophy, and also acquire skills of philosophical argumentation, critical reading of philosophical texts, articulation and presentation of their own ideas.
Schedule and Contents 1 Introduction to philosophy of Self
2 Self-as-We: A Brief Summary of ‘Philosophy of Self I’
3 Self-as-We and Its Implications to Agency
4 Self-as-We and Its Implications to Autonomy
5 Self-as-We and Other Theories on Self
6 Self-as-We and Other Theories on ‘We’
7 Logic of Self-as-We
8 Dialogical Self and Dialogical Life
9 Existential Implications of Self-as-We
10 Heterogeneity of Self-as-We
11 Self-as-We and Contradiction
12 Self-as-We and Dialetheism
13 Summary
Grading Policy Report 50% Performances in classes 50%
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review Students are expected to attend each class after having read all the materials for discussions. Graduate students are also expected to lead discussions in the seminar.