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Taught in Japanese


1330001Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1330002Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1330003Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1330004Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331001Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331002Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331003Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331004Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331005Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331006Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331009Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331010Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331011Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1331012Japanese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1340001Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1340003Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1340004Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1341001Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1341002Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1341003Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1341004Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1341005Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
1431001Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431002Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431003Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431004Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431005Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431006Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431007Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431008Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431009Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431010Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431011Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1431012Chinese Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
1530002History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1531001History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1531002History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1531003History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1531004History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1531005History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1531006History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1531007History of Chinese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
1540001History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1540002History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1541001History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1541002History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1541003History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1541004History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1541005History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1541006History of Chinese Philosophy (Seminars)
1633005Indological Studies (Special Lectures)
1633007Indological Studies (Special Lectures)
1633008Indological Studies (Special Lectures)
1644005Indological Studies(Seminars)
1644006Indological Studies(Seminars)
1653001Indological Studies (Seminars)
1653002Indological Studies (Seminars)
1831001Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1831002Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1831003Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1831004Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1831005Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1831006Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1831008Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1831009Buddhist Studies (Special Lectures)
1841001Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841002Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841003Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841004Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841005Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841006Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841007Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841008Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
1841009Buddhist Studies (Seminars)
3130002Greek and Latin Classics (Special Lectures)
3131001Greek and Latin Classics (Special Lectures)
3131002Greek and Latin Classics (Special Lectures)
3141001Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141002Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141003Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141004Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141005Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141006Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141007Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141008Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3141009Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3151001Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3151002Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3151003Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3151004Greek and Latin Classics (Seminars)
3231001Slavic Languages and Literatures (Special Lectures)
3231002Slavic Languages and Literatures (Special Lectures)
3231003Slavic Languages and Literatures (Special Lectures)
3231005Slavic Languages and Literatures (Special Lectures)
3231006Slavic Languages and Literatures (Special Lectures)
3241001Slavic Languages and Literatures (Seminars)
3241002Slavic Languages and Literatures (Seminars)
3241003Slavic Languages and Literatures (Seminars)
3241004Slavic Languages and Literatures (Seminars)
3241005Slavic Languages and Literatures (Seminars)
3241006Slavic Languages and Literatures (Seminars)
3241007Slavic Languages and Literatures (Seminars)
3251003Slavic Languages and Literatures(Seminars)
3251004Slavic Languages and Literatures(Seminars)
3251005Slavic Languages and Literatures(Seminars)
3331001German Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3331002German Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3331005German Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3331008German Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3331009German Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3345001German Language and Literature(Seminars)
3345002German Language and Literature(Seminars)
3631001French Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3631007French Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3631008French Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3631010French Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3631012French Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3731001Italian Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3731002Italian Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3731003Italian Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3731008Italian Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3731009Italian Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
3741001Italian Language and Literature (Seminars)
3741002Italian Language and Literature (Seminars)
3741003Italian Language and Literature (Seminars)
5131001Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5131002Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5131003Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5141001Philosophy (Seminars)
5141002Philosophy (Seminars)
5141004Philosophy (Seminars)
5141005Philosophy (Seminars)
5141006Philosophy (Seminars)
5231001History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5231002History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5231003History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5231004History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5231005History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5234001History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5234002History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5236001History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5236002History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5236003History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5236004History of Western Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5240001History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5240002History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5241001History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5241002History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5242001History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5243001History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5243002History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5243003History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5243004History of Western Philosophy (Seminars)
5245001History of Western Philosophy(Seminars)
5245002History of Western Philosophy(Seminars)
5245003History of Western Philosophy(Seminars)
5245004History of Western Philosophy(Seminars)
5245005History of Western Philosophy(Seminars)
5331001Japanese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5331002Japanese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5331003Japanese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5331005Japanese Philosophy (Special Lectures)
5341001Japanese Philosophy (Seminars)
5341002Japanese Philosophy (Seminars)
5430001Ethics (Special Lectures)
5431001Ethics (Special Lectures)
5431002Ethics (Special Lectures)
5431003Ethics (Special Lectures)
5440001Ethics (Seminars)
5440002Ethics (Seminars)
5443003Ethics (Seminars)
5443004Ethics (Seminars)
5443005Ethics (Seminars)
5443006Ethics (Seminars)
5531001Philosophy of Religion (Special Lectures)
5531002Philosophy of Religion (Special Lectures)
5531003Philosophy of Religion (Special Lectures)
5531004Philosophy of Religion (Special Lectures)
5531005Philosophy of Religion (Special Lectures)
5531006Philosophy of Religion (Special Lectures)
5541001Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
5541002Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
5541003Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
5541004Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
5541005Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
5541006Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
5541007Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
5551001Religion (Seminars)
5551002Religion (Seminars)
5631001Christian Studies (Special Lectures)
5631002Christian Studies (Special Lectures)
5631003Christian Studies (Special Lectures)
5631004Christian Studies (Special Lectures)
5631005Christian Studies (Special Lectures)
5631006Christian Studies (Special Lectures)
5641001Christian Studies (Seminars)
5641002Christian Studies (Seminars)
5641003Christian Studies (Seminars)
5641004Christian Studies (Seminars)
5641005Christian Studies (Seminars)
5641006Christian Studies (Seminars)
5641007Christian Studies (Seminars)
5731003Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731004Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731005Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731006Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731007Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731008Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731009Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731010Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731011Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731012Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731013Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731014Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731015Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731016Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731017Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731018Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5731019Aesthetics and Art History (Special Lectures)
5741001Aesthetics and Art History(Seminars)
5741002Aesthetics and Art History(Seminars)
5745003Aesthetics and Art History (Seminars)
5745004Aesthetics and Art History (Seminars)
5745005Aesthetics and Art History (Seminars)
5745006Aesthetics and Art History (Seminars)
5745007Aesthetics and Art History (Seminars)
6631001Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631002Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631003Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631004Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631005Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631006Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631007Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631008Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631009Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631010Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631011Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631012Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631013Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631014Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631015Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631016Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631017Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631018Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631019Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631020Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6631021Japanese History (Special Lectures)
6731001Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731002Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731003Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731004Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731005Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731006Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731007Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731008Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731009Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731010Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731011Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731012Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731013Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731014Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731015Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731016Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731017Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731018Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731019Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731020Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731021Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731022Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731023Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731024Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731025Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731026Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731027Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6731028Oriental History (Special Lectures)
6741001Oriental History (Seminars)
6741002Oriental History (Seminars)
6743001Oriental History (Seminars)
6743002Oriental History (Seminars)
6745001Oriental History (Seminars)
6745002Oriental History (Seminars)
6749001Oriental History (Seminars)
6749002Oriental History (Seminars)
6831004West Asian History (Special Lectures)
6831005West Asian History (Special Lectures)
6831006West Asian History (Special Lectures)
6831007West Asian History (Special Lectures)
6831009West Asian History (Special Lectures)
6831011West Asian History (Special Lectures)
6842001West Asian History (Seminars)
6844001West Asian History (Seminars)
6844002West Asian History (Seminars)
6850001West Asian History (Seminars)
6851001West Asian History (Seminars)
6851002West Asian History (Seminars)
6851003West Asian History (Seminars)
6931001European History (Special Lectures)
6931002European History (Special Lectures)
6931005European History (Special Lectures)
6931006European History (Special Lectures)
6931007European History (Special Lectures)
6931008European History (Special Lectures)
6931009European History (Special Lectures)
6931010European History (Special Lectures)
6931011European History (Special Lectures)
6931012European History (Special Lectures)
6931014European History (Special Lectures)
6931015European History (Special Lectures)
6940001European History (Seminars)
6942001European History (Seminars)
6944001European History (Seminars)
6946001European History (Seminars)
7031001Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031002Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031003Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031004Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031005Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031006Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031009Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031010Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031011Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031013Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031014Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031015Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031018Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7031019Archaeology (Special Lectures)
7042001Archaeology (Seminars)
7131001Psychology (Special Lectures)
7131003Psychology (Special Lectures)
7131005Psychology (Special Lectures)
7231001Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231003Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231004Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231005Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231006Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231007Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231008Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231009Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231010Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231011Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231016Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7231017Linguistics (Special Lectures)
7241001Linguistics (Seminars)
7241002Linguistics (Seminars)
7241003Linguistics (Seminars)
7241004Linguistics (Seminars)
7241011Linguistics (Seminars)
7241012Linguistics (Seminars)
7331001Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331002Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331003Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331004Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331005Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331006Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331007Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331008Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331009Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331010Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331012Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331013Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331014Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331015Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331017Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331018Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331019Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331024Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331030Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331031Sociology (Special Lectures)
7331032Sociology (Special Lectures)
7431001Geography (Special Lectures)
7431002Geography (Special Lectures)
7431003Geography (Special Lectures)
7431004Geography (Special Lectures)
7431005Geography (Special Lectures)
7431006Geography (Special Lectures)
7431007Geography (Special Lectures)
7431008Geography (Special Lectures)
7431009Geography (Special Lectures)
7431010Geography (Special Lectures)
7431011Geography (Special Lectures)
7431012Geography (Special Lectures)
7431013Geography (Special Lectures)
7431014Geography (Special Lectures)
7431015Geography (Special Lectures)
7431016Geography (Special Lectures)
7441001Geography (Seminars)
8231001Philosophy and History of Science (Special Lectures)
8231002Philosophy and History of Science (Special Lectures)
8231004Philosophy and History of Science (Special Lectures)
8231007Philosophy and History of Science (Special Lectures)
8241001Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241002Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241003Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241004Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241005Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241006Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241007Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241008Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8241009Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
8433001Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433002Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433003Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433004Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433005Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433006Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433007Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433008Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433009Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433010Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433011Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433012Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433013Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433014Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433015Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433016Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433017Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433018Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433019Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433020Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8433022Contemporary History (Special Lectures)
8448001Contemporary History (Seminars)
8448002Contemporary History (Seminars)
8448003Contemporary History (Seminars)
8448004Contemporary History (Seminars)
8448007Contemporary History (Seminars)
8448008Contemporary History (Seminars)
8448009Contemporary History (Seminars)
8452001Contemporary History(Seminars)
8452002Contemporary History(Seminars)
8931001Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931002Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931003Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931004Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931005Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931006Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931007Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931008Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931009Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931010Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931011Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931012Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931016Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931019Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931020Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931021Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931022Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931023Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931024Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8931025Media and Culture Studies(Special Lectures)
8941001Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8941002Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944001Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944002Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944003Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944004Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944005Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944006Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944007Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944008Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944010Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944011Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944014Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944015Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944016Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8944017Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8946001Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
8947001Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
JK08001Skills for Transcultural Studies I-Advanced Japanese
JK27001Research 2-Advanced Japanese
M112001Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M112002Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M114001Japanese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M123001Chinese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M123002Chinese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M123003Chinese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M123004Chinese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M123005Chinese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M123006Chinese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M123007Chinese Language and Literature (Seminars)
M181001German Language and Literature (Special Lectures)
M183001German Language and Literature (Seminars)
M183002German Language and Literature (Seminars)
M183003German Language and Literature (Seminars)
M183004German Language and Literature (Seminars)
M183005German Language and Literature (Seminars)
M191002English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191003English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191004English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191005English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191006English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191007English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191010English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191011English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191012English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191013English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191014English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191015English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191016English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191017English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191020English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M191021English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M193001English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193002English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193003English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193004English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193005English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193006English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193007English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193008English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193009English and American Literature(Seminars)
M193010English and American Literature(Seminars)
M194001English and American Literature (Special Lectures)
M202001French Language and Literature (Seminars)
M244001Japanese Philosophy (Seminars)
M264001Philosophy of Religion (Seminars)
M272001Christian Studies (Seminars)
M286001Aesthetics and Art History (Seminars)
M286002Aesthetics and Art History (Seminars)
M292001Japanese History (Seminars)
M292002Japanese History (Seminars)
M292003Japanese History (Seminars)
M292004Japanese History (Seminars)
M303001Oriental History (Seminars)
M303002Oriental History (Seminars)
M303003Oriental History (Seminars)
M303004Oriental History (Seminars)
M322001European History (Seminars)
M334001Archaeology (Seminars)
M341001Psychology (Special Lectures)
M341002Psychology (Special Lectures)
M341003Psychology (Special Lectures)
M341004Psychology (Special Lectures)
M341005Psychology (Special Lectures)
M341006Psychology (Special Lectures)
M352001Linguistics (Seminars)
M361001Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361002Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361003Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361004Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361005Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361006Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361007Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361008Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361009Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361010Sociology (Special Lectures)
M361011Sociology (Special Lectures)
M362001Sociology (Seminars)
M362002Sociology (Seminars)
M362003Sociology (Seminars)
M362005Sociology (Seminars)
M363001Sociology (Seminars)
M372001Geography (Seminars)
M373001Geography (Seminars)
M383001Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
M383002Philosophy and History of Science (Seminars)
M412001Contemporary History (Seminars)
M415001Contemporary History (Seminars)
M415002Contemporary History (Seminars)
M432001Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
M433001Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
M434001Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
M434002Media and Culture Studies(Seminars)
6931016European History (Special Lectures)
7331033Sociology (Special Lectures)