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Agricultural and Environmental Engineering


Introduction to Agricultural and Environmental Engineering I
Introduction to Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
Applied Mathematics
Environmental Dynamic Behavior of Chemical Contaminants
Applied Mechanics
Geotechnical and Concrete Engineering
Structural Analysis
Soil Physics
Environmental Hydrology
Irrigation Structures
Irrigation and Drainage
Rural Planning
Farm Land Consolidation Engineering
Water Resources Utilization
Water-Use Systems Engineering
National and Regional Planning
Strength Materials
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Mathematical Programming
Field Robotics
Automatic Control
Design of Machine Element
Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Practice in Data Processing I
Practice in Data Processing II
Laboratory Course in Soil Mechanics. Concrete Engineering
Laboratory Course in Hydraulics
Laboratory Course in Soil Physics
Practice in Surveying
Seminar in Agricultural Facilities Engineering
Seminar in Computational Hydraulics
Practice in Drawing of Machine
On-Job-Training for Agricultural
Practice in Irrigation and Drainage Planning
Seminar in Rural Planning
Agricultural Systems Engineering
Physical and Biological Properties of Agricultural Products
Bio-production Machinery
Introduction to Foreign Literature on
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering English
Agricultural and Rural Development Policy
Introduction to Agricultural
Laboratory Course in Bioproduction Engineering I
Laboratory Course in Bioproduction Engineering II
Seminar in Bio-production Engineering
Postharvest technologies on rice production