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Outline of Agricultural Science I


Numbering Code
  • U-AGR00 10001 LJ34
  • U-AGR00 10001 LJ82
  • U-AGR00 10001 LJ85
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Year 1st year students
Target Student Undergraduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Wed.1
  • Graduate School of Agriculture, Professor AKITSU MOTOKI
Outline and Purpose of the Course Targeting new undergraduate students, this lecture aims to provide the fundamental and critical viewpoint needed for about learning agricultural science. Explanations will be given about the characteristics of agricultural science, history of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry and contemporary issues, problems of rural communities and farmers, the connection between food and agriculture, the forestry and fishery industry, new technologies in agricultural science and discussion points, and ethical issues that should be considered. At the same time, students will learn reflective considerations regarding agricultural science (to always conduct research while reflecting by oneself).
Course Goals Understanding the fundamental matters concerning the history and current situation of agricultural science and the agriculture, the forestry and fishery industry, the spread of the agricultural field, and ethical issues that should be considered as students of the faculty of agriculture who will conduct research and development in the future.
Schedule and Contents 1. What does it mean to study agriculture at the university?
2. Mission of agriculture and the forestry and fisheries industry
3. Ethics surrounding intensification
4. Food, agriculture and safety
5. Agriculture and the environment
6. Characteristics of the agriculture and forestry and fisheries industry
7. Agricultural policy and agriculture in post-war Japan
8. Food security
9. Ecological cycle and sustainability of resources
10. Advances in science and technology and ethical issues
11. Ethical issues surrounding livestock and animals
12. Agriculture and development assistance
13. Ethics surrounding food consumption
14. Summary and discussion
15. Final test
16. Feedback: receiving questions about the lecture and test the week after the test and responding via e-mail.
Grading Policy Evaluation criteria and level of achievement are based on the "Evaluation Criteria and Level of Achievement" section of the student handbook of the Faculty of Agriculture for the relevant year.
The evaluation method will include participation in class (20%) and the final test (80%).
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review Reviewing the literature introduced during class.
  • Materials will be distributed every time.