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Quantum Physics 2


Numbering Code
  • U-ENG25 45019 LJ77
  • U-ENG25 45019 LJ71
  • U-ENG25 45019 LJ75
Term 2020/Second semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Undergraduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Tue.1
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor MIYADERA TAKAYUKI
Outline and Purpose of the Course Quantum theory is an astonishing theory. It describes perfectly a lot of phenomena inspite of its peculiar mathematical formulation.
An important purpose of this course is to understand the formulation and to become capable to manipulate it.
Course Goals To understand the fundamental structure of quantum theory.
To be able to calculate some properties of quantum mechanical particle in three dimensional space.
Schedule and Contents 1. Fundamental framework
2. Angular momentum (1)
3. Angular momentum (2) generator of space rotation
4. Eigenvalue of Angular momentum operator. SU(2) and SO(3)
5. Spin
6. Central potential
7. Hydrogen atom
8. perturbation theory (1)
9. perturbation theory (2)
10. Heisenberg equation
11. Interaction picture
12. Bell's inequality
13. Mixed state
14. Many particle and Quantum field
15. Applications to quantum information
Grading Policy 【Evaluation method】
 Evaluation will be based on one written examination.
【Evaluation policy】
 The result of a written examination should be 60 and above out of 100.
  60 and above: Passed
  59 and below: Failed
Prerequisites Quantum Physics 1
Preparation and Review Solve a distributed problem set.
  • Modern Quantum Mechanics (J.J.Sakurai) isbn{}{9780805382914} isbn{}{9781292024103} Lectures on Quantum Theory (C.J. Isham) isbn{}{1860940013}
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