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History of World Architecture
Living and Housing Design
English for Architecture
Engineering Mathematics C
Building and Urban Administration
Lighting and Acoustics in Architecture
Building Foundation Engineering
Fire Safety Design of Buildings
Introduction to Architectural Engineering
Applied Mathematics for Architecture
Architectural information Systems
Computational Practice on Architectural Design and Engineering
Building Materials
Mechanics of Building StructuresI
Mechanics of Building Structures II
Mechanics of Building StructuresIII
Analytical Methods of Building Structures
Thermal Environment Design of Architecture
Environmental Engineering of Architecture I
Environmental Engineering of Architecture II
Seminar of Practice in Architectural Environmental Engineering
Construction Engineering and Management I
Construction Engineering and Management II
Architectural PlanningI
Architectural Planning II
Building Systems Systems
Design Theory of Building Systems
Architectural Design Method
Theory of Architecture
Fundamental Training in Architectural Design
History of Japanese Architecture
Hisory of Japanese Urban Space
Theory of Landscape Design
Laboratory Tests of Structural Mateials and Members
Design of Steel structures, Exercises
Graduation Thesis
Earthquake Resistant Structures
Wind Resistant Structures
Behavior and Architectural Design Theory
Atelier Practice of Architectural DesignI
Atelier Practice of Architectural DesignII
Atelier Practice of Architectural DesignⅢ
Atelier Practice of Architectural DesignⅣ
Atelier Practice of Architectural DesignⅤ
Atelier Practice of Architecural Design, Basis
Theory of Living Space in the Region
Urban Environment Engineering
Urban Planning
Reinforced Concrete Structures I
Reinforced Concrete Structures II
Steel Construction I
Steel Construction II