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Engineering Ethics


Numbering Code
  • U-ENG20 42105 LJ77
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Undergraduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Thu.3
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Professor ATOMI HARUYUKI
  • Graduate School of Informatics, Professor KANDA TAKAYUKI
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Senior Lecturer KANEKO KENTAROU
Outline and Purpose of the Course Modern ethics based on engineering aspect are becoming essential to present engineers and scientists. Instructors from various faculties give lectures about ethics in their research fields.
Course Goals The goal of this class is to understand engineering ethics, and to develop the ability to judge by yourself when you encounter ethical issues.
Schedule and Contents Significance to learn engineering ethics. (4/9) 1time. As an introduction to this course, the meaning of engineering ethics and the significance to learning it are explained. Examples are shown in nuclear engineering. The significances of engineering ethics to those examples are discussed. (T. Yokomine : Engineering Science)
General research ethics (4/16) 1 time. Lectures on the concept of writing academic papers with ethics. (H. Kageyama : Industrial Chemistry)
Research and engineering ethics. (4/23) 1time. It is said that He that will do no ill, must do nothing that belongs thereto. The sense of ethics necessary to whom conducts research and engineering work in society is discussed in terms of the importance of equitability and fair evaluation to anyone involved in each area of research or engineering. (H. Mikada: Global Engineering)
Ethical issues on sound design. (4/30) 1 time. Everything that consumes energy emit acoustic sound. Even a small sound affect human and may create annoyance and health problems. Various noise problems are introduced in the lecture. Ethical issues, which shall be considered during design and operation environment, will be discussed. (Y. Takano: Architecture)
Engineering Ethics as a Professional Ethics. (5/7) 1 time. This lecture discusses basic ideas of engineering ethics in comparison with other fields of applied ethics. In particular, it discusses the characteristics of engineering ethics as professional ethics and what engineers as professionals are required to do. (T. Iseda: Graduate School of Letters)
Ethical Theories for Engineering Ethics. (5/14) 1 time. This lecure focus on various ideas in ethics (utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, professional ethics etc.) which will be useful for thinking about particular ethical problems in engineering ethics.
(S. Kodama: Graduate School of Letters)
Information and Ethics (5/21) 1 time. The rapid development of information technology has increased the need for each individual to consider the relationship between information and ethics. In this lecture, we will discuss the relationship between information and ethics with a focus on ensuring information security and protecting privacy. (M. Yoshikawa : Informatics and Mathematical Science)
Forensic Analysis. (5/28) 1time. Forensic reports are sometimes requested by the court in order to clarify the charge of incidents. The nylon rope incident, the Wakayama curry poisoning incident, and the pig iron incident are explained as examples. How to write the forensic report is explained in order to avoid the ethical problems. (J. Kawai: Engineering Science)
Patents and ethics (Part 1). (6/4) 1time. This course will teach the students about 1) patent systems which protect inventions and research results and 2) ethical issues in patents.
The first class, in preparation for the next subject of patent ethics, introduces Japan’s patent system with comparisons to the patent systems in the world’s major countries and international framework (M. Nakagawa: Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Patents and ethics (Part 2). (6/11) 1time. Students, equipped with the basic knowledge of patent systems by the previous lecture, will get familier with actual case studies on ethical and legal issues in patents. (M. Nakagawa: Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Role and Ethic of Engineer Engaged in Urban Planning. (6/25) 1time. The lecture aims at discussing roles of engineer for planning and designing secure and comfortable urban area in addition to norms regulating engineer's action. Some examples about transportation supporting daily lives might be delivered. (N. Uno: Global Engineering)
Ethics in Materials Engineering. (7/2) 1time. Materials engineers can be users as well as suppliers of materials. In this lecture, some ethical issues are introduced and engineering ethics required for engineers on either side is discussed. (T. Hirato: Engineering Science)
Art-view concept for engineering. (7/9) 1time. Concept of "quality of life" is required for human related engineering. Some practical examples in medical-care and welfare fields will be introduced, and problem of the QOL-evaluation will be discussed from both function-optimizing view point and art view point. (N. Tomita: Engineering Science)
Ethics for Engineers. (7/16) 1time. Engineers have to go through some ethical issues about research, development, design, manufacturing, and maintenance. In particular, the ethical decisions of engineers need to be considered for society and environment. (S. Matsusaka: Industrial Chemistry)
Ethics of biotechnology and stem cell research. (7/30) 1time. With the rapid development of genome editing technology and stem cell engineering, editing of the human genome that goes beyond generations has become possible, at least technically. In this lecture, I will introduce these latest technologies and think about ethical problems accompanying technological development. (G. Eiraku: Industrial Chemistry)
Grading Policy Class participation and reports.
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review The assignment of the report will be given for each lesson.
  • Lecture materials will be distributed.
  • Omnibus Engineering Ethics , (Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd.), ISBN: ISBN:978-4320071964
  • Practical Engineering Ethics - A Short Course, New Edition, (Kagaku-Dojin Publishing Company,INC), ISBN: ISBN:9784759811551
  • Engineering Ethics (Revised Edition), (CORONA PUBLISHING CO.,LTD.), ISBN: ISBN:978-4-339-07798-8
  • World of Engineering Ethics (3rd Edition), (Morikita Publishing Co., Ltd.), ISBN: ISBN:978-4-627-97303-9
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