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Geoenvironmental Engineering


Numbering Code
  • U-ENG23 33528 LE73
Term 2020/Second semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Student Undergraduate
Language English
Day/Period Tue.1
  • Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Professor KATSUMI TAKESHI
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Professor KIMURA MAKOTO
  • Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Professor UZUOKA RYOSUKE
Outline and Purpose of the Course This course provides the knowledge on geoenvironmental engineering related to environmental geotechnics, remedial technologies, disaster mitigation and ground improvement/reinforcement.
Course Goals The goal of this course is to understand how geotechnical engineering contributes to disaster prevention and environmental issues.
Schedule and Contents Environmental geotechnics,6times,Remediation of contaminated soils and groundwaters, waste containment, and reuse of waste materials in geotechnical applications, are introduced
Ground improvement,2times,Principles of ground improvement are introduced
Geo-disaster,2times,Measures against geo-disasters are introduced
Remedial technics,4times,Remedial technics are introduced
Class feedback,1time,Confirmation of understanding
Grading Policy Final exam (70%) and class works (30%)
Prerequisites Soil mechanics I and Exercises (35080)
Preparation and Review There is one lecture for which Computer programming using FORTRAN is practiced; so please review FORTRAN and bring your own device to the class on the day specified by instructor.
  • Handouts will be distributed.
  • Lakshmi N. Reddy, Hilary I. Inyang, “Geoenvironmental Engineering: Principles and Applications”, Marcel Dekker, Inc. isbn{}{0824700457} Robert W. Sarsby, “Envirionmental Geotechnics”, ICE publishing isbn{}{9780727741875}
Courses Delivered by Instructors with Practical Work Experience
  • Category:

    A course with practical content delivered by instructors with practical work experience

  • Details of Instructors’ Practical Work Experience Related to the Course:

    Construction and industrial projects involvement for 5-10 years.

  • Details of Practical Classes Delivered Based on Instructors’ Practical Work Experience:

    Classes are given based on the practical experiences.