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242 - Graduate School of Education the Lecture Series #2: Erno Lehtinen, 2018

Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University The 2nd Lecture Series,Research-based Development of Finnish Education

Research-based Development of Finnish Education

Erno Lehtinen
University of Turku, Finland / Professor of Education

June 6, 2018
The first conference room, Faculty of Education Main Bldg

Lecture Video

Course Description

Since the new teacher education reform in late 1970’s there has been close relationship between university-based research and educational practices.
In the beginning it mainly meant that it was easy to carry out individual research studies in schools, teacher students in preservice teacher education participated in research projects, and researchers were invited to run separate in-service training sessions for teachers. In recent years there have been attempts to make the impact of research more sustainable by developing more systematic, broad-scale, and long-lasting models for research-practice collaboration. In the presentation I present some general principles of Finnish education, research based development models and concrete example from our research in the field of mathematics education.