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188 - iCeMS Learning Lounge #12: Yousuke Katsuda + Saki Fukuoka, 2016

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iCeMS Learning Lounge #12

February 23, 2017
2nd floor Seminar Room, iCeMS Main Building, Kyoto University

Dr. Yousuke Katsuda
iCeMS Motonari Uesugi Lab
Ms. Saki Fukuoka
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

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Course Description

Why Our Science Matters
The "Learning Lounge" features young scientists who, in 20 minutes deliver a presentation that will persuade any curious listener, even those without a scientific background, why their research area -- not just the personal research of the speaker -- is important to the world.

Dr. Yousuke Katsuda
"Peeking into the Cell with a Chemical Tool"

What would you do to catch an elusive fish from the sea? You would probably put out some bait and wait patiently. But how would you catch something from a cell? Here, I'll show you how we succeeded to catch RNA from cancer cells using a chemical biology approach.

Ms. Saki Fukuoka
"Hand-Delivering Science to You"

3-D graphics help us understand complicated science better, but still, non-scientists like me find it hard to access. What if we change the graphics to hand-drawn charming pictures? People would feel much more familiar to the matter. I believe the feelings of "familiarity" that hand-drawn pictures give can change how science looks to the world.

-Speaker's Comment
If you dislike a certain food before trying it, you might be missing out on a possible new favorite food. You need to know about it to see if you actually like it or not. Learning is the same. The more advanced it is, the more time and effort is required. Do you think your field of research is interesting? If you want more people to be interested in what you specialize in, you should let them know about it. To help people take their first bite of a new experience, why don't you start by using hand drawing of your field of study?