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01 - Boundedness of Varieties of General Type, 2015

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SGU Special Lectures (Algebraic Geometry)

Boundedness of Varieties of General Type

Christopher Hacon
Kyoto University / Distinguished Visiting Professor
University of Utah / Distinguished Professor

Jun. 10, 12, 17, 19 and 26, 2015
Room127, Graduate School of Science Bldg No 3
Room 420, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences

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Course Description

Varieties of general type are the higher dimensional analog of Riemann surfaces of genus01.png. If 02.png is a variety of general type then, by definition, the sections of 03.png determine a birational map for all sufficiently big integers 04.png.
In these lectures we will explain recent results on the boundedness of varieties of general type that ultimately lead to the construction of a corresponding moduli space (more precisely to the construction of the KSBA proper functor of log canonically polarized log canonical pairs).