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"Preparing a Presentation: Thru the lens of posters & a documentary" Prof. Garry Piller
"Light reflection measurement of eye’s surface for estimation of serum vitamin a level in beef cattle" Shinya Tanigawa
"Measurement of plant epidermal using THz spectroscopy" Yuko Kusafuka
"Measurement of Somatic Cell Count in Raw Milk for Detecting Mastitis by Using Attenuated Total Reflection Terahertz Spectroscopy" Hirotaka Naito
"About sound absorbency of pellet (bait) for cultured sea bream and prawn" Yoshiaki Shinohara
"Detection Cattle’s Pupil by Automated Image Capturing" Tatsuya Morisako
"Specific detection of Escherichia coli by metallic mesh" Ippei Kurita
"Localization of Mobile Robot in Green House Using S. S. Sound and Stereo Vision" Harshana Habaragamuwa
"Laboratory Seminar" Soma Kiuchi
"Evaluation on the dielectric properties of aqueous saccharide solutions determined by Kramers-Kronig transformation using FTIR spectroscopy" Aya Adachi
"Determination of melamine in milk powder by terahertz spectroscopy" Xu Li
"Detection of cedar pollen by using metallic mech" Kohei Horai
"Determination of Water Content in the Tissues by Terahertz Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy" Gyozo Akamine
"Optimization of a Soybean Peptide Beverage Formula by using Fuzzy Logical Sensory Evaluation and Response Surface Methodology (RSM)" Cheng Li
"Coffee Varietal Differentiation and Roasting Degrees Prediction Based on Near-infrared Spectroscopy" Jiajia Shan
"Fish freshness detection by UV spectroscopy" Anisur Rahman
"Determination of vitamin A deficiency levels by ocular changes in Japanese Black cattle" Shuqing Han
"Monitoring Qualities of Harvested Rice Grains Using Web Camera" MAHIRAH Jahari
"Presentation" Andrea Gentile
Nik Salwani Nik Yusoff
Nur Hidayu Binti Abu Hassan