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02 - Seminar II on Bio-Sensing Engineering, 2013

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Seminar II on Bio-Sensing Engineering

Professor Naoshi KONDO
Associate Professor Yuichi OGAWA

Seminar II on Bio-Sensing Engineering,2014
Seminar II on Agricultural Process Engineering,2012
Seminar II on Agricultural Process Engineering,2011

Outline and object of course

Purposes of this course are to enhance presentation skill and to improve English communication skill through students' research projects. All classes are held in English. A goal of this course is to reach the level to be able to present on students' own research projects and to discuss on details not only in students' own researches but also in other students' researches (including Ph.D students). Although it is possible for non-members of Bio-Sensing Engineering Laboratory to take this course, they need to be consulted with their supervisors because they have to also take their own seminars held at laboratories.